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All-risk Obstetrics

I am committed to providing evidence based, high quality care within a woman-centred framework. I am experienced in the management of "all-risk" obstetrics and am able to support you in your journey to motherhood from early pregnancy through to the postnatal period. 


Preconception & Antenatal 

  • Preconception counselling 

  • Problems in early pregnancy

  • Antenatal screening counselling

  • Medical problems in pregnancy

  • Complex & multiple (twin) pregnancies



  • Vaginal birth

  • Assisted vaginal deliveries 

  • Caesarean deliveries 

  • Vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC)

  • Multiple pregnancies


Postnatal period

  • In hospital postnatal care

  • Postnatal follow up

  • Midwifery support with breastfeeding advice 


What to expect

Public vs Private

Is there a difference?

Yes. As your private obstetrician, I oversee all aspects of your pregnancy, birth and postnatal care. I plan to be present at your birth and have cover arrangements with specialist colleagues who will attend in the unlikely event that I am unavailable. As a public patient you will receive care through the hospital antenatal clinics where you are likely to be seen by a mixture of midwifery staff and doctors-in-training with the supervision of the specialist obstetrician allocated to the clinic or birthing unit. 

Allied Health

Do I see midwives?

Absolutely. Midwifery input is integral to the continuity of care model that I provide. You will meet with a midwife at several points in your pregnancy who will provide additional education on the changes experienced during pregnancy, labour and birth preparation, breastfeeding and what to expect after your baby is born. Other allied health professionals (eg physiotherapists, diabetic educators or psychologists) may also be of benefit depending on your individual needs and referrals will be made to external providers should this be the case. 


How often do I see you?

The timing and frequency of your antenatal appointments depends on the timing of your referral from your GP and the background risk of your pregnancy. I am happy to see you once a diagnosis of pregnancy has been made (usually by ultrasound) and request to see you at 12-14 weeks as a "booking visit". Following this, a "low-risk" first-time mum can expect to be seen 4th weekly from 20 to 28 weeks, 2nd weekly from 28 to 36 weeks and then weekly until delivery. Keep in mind that this is a rough guide and that the frequency can increase significantly if a complexity develops. 


How much does private care cost?

I firmly believe in financial consent and will ensure that you are aware of the approximate cost of your obstetric care from the outset of your pregnancy. Details on costings can be obtained by making an enquiry or at the time of your first consultation. Please note that private obstetric care without private health insurance, while possible, is prohibitively expensive as the hospital costs are billed to you instead of Medicare. If you are planning pregnancy and would like private care, I strongly advise that you consult your insurer regarding your cover and any relevant waiting times. 

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